4 steps to beautiful hair

As everyone knows that keeping your hair healthy and well is no small feat!

It takes time, energy, patience and money to invest for having amazing hair and unless you are a celebrity…. there’s no way we have all 4 of those must have things at one time…. until now…..


Introducing the k-pak 4 step treatment


This is revolutionary!

This allows you to restore your hair back to its original condition and strength within 30 minutes and will cost a fraction of the price it will cost in products and other treatments.

After using this I was BLOWN AWAY!

It’s like ronseal for hair…. does exactly what it says on the tin!!!

I needed to know the ins and outs immediately and found out that EVERY JOICO product contained a special formula that works with hairs DNA called Bio-Advanced Peptide complex.

so, here’s the black and white of it all… this complex replenishes and restores Hair…. with HAIR! And up to 50% of the damage already done but will prevent further damage.

AMAZING! This 4 step is the most intense form of this technology and this is what happens…..


  1. Clarifying 2-5 mins. This is the first and most important step…. getting rid of the toxins! Kpak clarifying shampoo removes the lot…. first the build-up of products, minerals (skin) and YES chemicals such as chlorine.


  1. Sealing the cuticle 5 mins.

This is similar to a pre-condition…. this allows the cuticles to slightly lower and protect the cortex and madhulla of the hairs shaft and restores a natural PH balance to the hair to help with neutralization.


3.Deep Penetrating Conditioning 5 mins.

This is the BEST part for your hair…. the reconstruction and this is where the amino acids go to work and repair your hair from the inside out.

Think of it as scaffolding for your hair….. it literally strengthens and rebuilds Up to 50% of the damage already done in minutes.

Sometimes if the hair is sooo damaged then it’s recommended to repeat steps 2 and 3 up to 3 times for maximum results.


  1. Intense Hydration 5 mins.

The daddy of all conditioners.

After the last 3 steps you need something that will keep all those amino acids, keratin and scaffolding in place and this is exactly what it does…. it keeps your hair in the best condition.


And there we have it the miracle 4 step system that will fully repair and recondition all hair types with this, so NO ONE is left out.


Why not add this to your next service with us. Or Buy Now one online to buy at home for yourself


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