Do you often wake up in the morning and have zero time to style your hair ready for work?
Well we have come up with three simple hairstyles that take little time but will get you out the door looking fantastic.

  • The Knotted Ponytail 

Brush your hair so it is completely smooth and at the nape of your neck. Then divide your hair in the middle and tie the two sections into a knot tightly. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to smooth and fly away hairs. 

  • The Top Not 

Pull  your hair into a high ponytail securing it with a hair band and then divide your hair into two sections. Then wrap each section around each other and then wrap that hair around your hair tie. Secure with hairspray and bobby pins if needed.

  • Wispy Low Bun

Part your hair down the middle and gather it into a very loose bun. Pull out   two small sections from each side of your face, wind them loosely around a curling iron for a few seconds (directing the curl away from your face), and release.