We Care For YOU, Our Staff And frontline workers

We have reopened the salon after the Government giving the go ahead on the 4thof July and the purpose of this newsletter is to provide an insight in to what awaits you when next you visit.

Opening hours

 We are open seven days a week  from 8AM until 8PM Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.  Along with a host of other safety measures we’ve introduced, this will reduce congestion in the salon and help keep us all safe.  We know that demand will be high and can’t wait to welcome you all back.  However Covid 19 will not disappear overnight and safety has to be our overriding concern.

We can assure you that we will do everything we can to keep you and our team as safe as possible. 


Aside from face masks, disposable aprons, visors & gloves for the team,
face masks & disposable gloves will also be available for clients, if required.   Temperature readings will be taken when staff and customers enter the salon and a number of other important measures will be introduced to maintain social distancing.


We ask for you to bear with us as many of these changes will take a little getting used to – for staff as well as for our valued customers!  Here’s a flavour of what’s to come…


We will no longer be offering walk-in in appointments – it will be pre-booked appointments only.  We ask in particular that you turn up on time – not too early and not late – as we will only be permitting you in at your allocated appointment time.  This is important to note as we have removed our salon waiting area to provide extra floor space. We also ask that you turn up for your appointment on your own to help maintain social distancing in the salon.  Appointment times will be extended to minimise your contact with other clients and to allow for thorough cleaning between appointments.  Please keep checking this page for updates as to when bookings will recommence and be assured that we will endeavour to prioritise those of you that had appointments already booked that were cancelled because of lockdown.


Clients will be required to use hand sanitiser that will be provided as you enter the salon and you will also be required to have your temperature checked.  These measures are for everyone’s safety and reassurance so we hope you’ll not find them an undue inconvenience.   To maintain the highest possible standards of cleanliness, sanitising hand gel & tissues will be available on each hairdressing section.  Be assured that all brushes, combs, and clips will be sterilised after use in preparation for the next customer.

Hygiene Packs

Every client will have access to hygiene packs containing sterilised gowns and a towels, facemasks and medical gloves.

A big ‘Thank You’ to all the key workers who are keeping us safe (and sane) in these unprecedented times.   At Iconic, we want to reward those who look after us and have created these special offers for key workers and NHS staff.  You need only to show suitable identification to qualify.


One of the more noticeable changes in the salon is the installation of clear, Perspex section dividers between each station.  This will provide a physical barrier between customers in the same way you will have seen them used in supermarkets and other stores.  We will also be sanitising each section and chair immediately after use.  We have also purchased disposable plastic chair coverings for replacement after every customer.

I hope all of the above helps reassure you that you’ll be in safe hands when next we see you.  We’re looking forward to seeing you again and want your visit to be as safe as possible.  Unfortunately, there will be a temporary increase in prices to reflect our additional safety measures but we plan to revert to our normal prices as soon as these measures are no longer required.

Remember to keep checking this page for updates.  As soon as we know when we’re able to offer appointments, we want you to know too.  We will also be mailing our clients and updating our social networking channels.


Hope to see you all soon, keep safe and take care.

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