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brown hair colour

Is brown a bit tame?

There is more to brown hair than meets the eye. Brown hair is the second most common hair colour. It ranges from light brown to almost black. Surveys show a third of all men prefer women with dark hair and they also show that women are taken more seriously in the work place. People with brown hair are often called brunette which has the French meaning ‘Feminine Form’.


Natural Brown colour

After that natural look. This shade has an underlying golden tone perfect for covering grey hair. It keeps hair looking healthy and shiny and will work well to compliment any complexion. One of the most low maintenance colours to have as an all over colour, as roots blend well when growing out.


Golden Brown colour

Add a little warmth to your hair. Golden brown reflects the light making your brown colour seem slightly lighter. Golden brown will add that sun kissed look to your hair, so great for the summer if you want a change from the darker shades. It will complement people with warm skin tones with hazel or brown eyes. It’s a great shade to lighten the darkest of hair with highlights or balayage.


Caramel Brown

This is a layered brown with hints of gold and mahogany. This beautiful colour particularly works for people with olive complexions and compliments people who love to wear red. It works well as pieces or equally as beautiful as a global colour.


Toffee Brown

If sugar isnt your thing how about this beautiful shade? This bronze hair shade compliments warm skin tones, green and brown eyes. Add tones of toffee to enhance an existing darker shade or bring depth to lighter shades.


Bronze Brown

Popping up all over social media bronze brown will be seen more and more over the coming months. Its metallic look reflects bronze. This shade reflects cool and warm tones and is perfect if you want to be bang on trend.


Chestnut Brown

Add dimension with this shade complimenting almost any skin tone. It has warmth and reddish tones named after the Chestnut tree. Looks stunning with green eyes!


Reddish Brown

Want a touch of vibrancy? Add a hue of red. A superb autumnal shade. With its red undertone it works well if you add a touch of pink or peach blush to your cheeks.


Mahogany Brown

Liven up deep brown hair with this statement colour. The cool, red tone works great in darker hair colours. Perfect for warm or cool toned skin with hazel or warm toned eyes. This colour is deep dark and delicious. I need say no more!


Chocolate Brown

Who doesn’t like chocolate and is a classic in the world of colouring. This is by far the most asked for colour in the salon and especially great for people with warm or olive skin tones adding richness to your hair.


Ash Brown

Cool down your colour with an ash brown. This tone will neutralise warmth in your hair leaving you with an ashy hair colour. Pairs well with pale skin and blue eyes. Stunning! On trend at the moment for balayage and extremely effective at covering those stress made greys without giving the secret away.


Nude Brown

Nude is very quickly becoming the most popular shades of brown as the tone works with any skin complexion and is perfect anytime throughout the year. Great if you want to achieve a natural look.


Add interest to your brunette hair!

 Here are just a few ideas you can do –

* Add a few highlights / lowlights around the face to lift your face colour slightly

* Try a balayage to lighten the ends

* Add different brown tones to make your colour more dimensional

* Go blonde. Stand out in the crowd

* Add hair extensions for a fast block of colour

* Style your colour – get it cropped


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