Grey hair – All you need to know.

On average 50% of the population will have 50% grey hair by the time they are 50. Sorry boys but men tend to turn grey in their early 30’s while women in the late 30’s.

Does stress cause grey hair?

Your hair colour comes from and is determined by a pigment called melanin. Studies show that hormones produced in response to stress, for example adrenaline, can deplete the stem cells that determine your hair colour, thus leaving it white or grey.


Does lack of sleep send my hair grey or white?

Lack of sleep can have a negative effect on many aspects of the body, not only can it lead to tiredness and lack of concentration, but longer term effects such as your immune system and stress. Stress has been proven to cause grey hair as mentioned above.

Will I go grey or white? Salt and pepper?

At first you may seem to go grey, this is when not all of your hair has lost the melanin and it is mixed in with your darker hair giving the illusion of it looking grey, another name for this is salt and pepper. Once all the melanin has been depleted the hair turns white – the more melanin that is lost the whiter it looks.


Structure of greying hair

If you have a good hair care routine and your hair is in a healthy state, the fact that the melanin is depleting does not mean the structure of your hair is! You may find that it starts to feel a little dryer due to the fact that as we age, our sebaceous glands slow their production of oil at around the same time. So start looking at products that are designed for dry or greying hair and massage your head every time you condition your hair to stimulate the blood flow and oil production.



Wanting to go natural grey?

The easiest ways to go grey –

* By far the easiest is cut it out – Go short and embrace the grey power!!

* Use a cover up root concealer like REF. Shop now.

* Get your hair cut as often as possible to cut the old colour out.

* Grow your hair long enough to have it cropped short.

Wanting  to keep it long?

To avoid the contrast of dark ends and greying roots add highlights to your dark colour and this will break the harness and soften the line to grow down.

Probably the most grandule way is to go up a shade on your colour hair every couple of months. If you are a base 5, for example, the next time you colour your hair go up to a 6 for the next couple of months and so on. This is the longest way to achieve your desired look but is a way of doing it at home. Remember though do not overlap your colour as shop bought colours contain a lot of ammonia and overlapping can cause your hair to go darker.

Grey – White hair – what’s the best shampoo?

The best advice I have is to keep it cool, there’s nothing worse than a yellow hue over your grey – white hair. I highly recommend a series expert silver shampoo. By using a purple violet shampoo it cancels out the yellow tones and is used a lot by blondes espeically if they are trying to maintain a platinum look. click here to shop now.

There are lots on the market but make sure you buy good quality, recommended shampoo as some ‘off the shelf’ ones may dry out your luscious locks. 

How can I make my grey hair look better? Keep it white.

Maintenance of grey or white hair is a must! Use the right shampoo, this is the foundation to your hair routine and if you get this right the rest will follow.

Keep it sharp. A classic bob or a short crop works well with grey or white hair. Hair needs to be cut regularly and advise no longer than 6 weeks for medium length hair, 4 weeks for a crop. Grey and white hair lacks shine and its dry ends will make it lack shine even more.

How to make grey – white hair shiny

Use a clear colourless serum like Joico serum. This will give a shine without effecting your tone like the amber coloured serums or oils. Dry and style your hair as you desire. Add a drop or two to dry hair for that extra shine.

What colours go well with grey?

Medium/Dark Grey – Go bold. Be daring. Block colours with less patterns work nicely to complement the depth of your hair colour

Light/Medium Grey – Warm pastels with slightly brighter accessories accentuate the natural greying process and are forgiving for a shade change.

White – Blues. You may find that black is now a little too harsh so try moving towards navy. Avoid browns and neutrals around the face and opt for greys to give you the wow factor and embrace the power!


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