Copper Hair

Are red heads more sexy ?

Red-headed women are often portrayed as sexy, fiery-tempered vixens. Only 2% of the population are natural copper red heads.

Research shows that copper hair colour make you look on average, two years younger than you are.


Intense Copper / Auburn

A statement copper that attracts attention. This auburn shade will make you stand out in the crowd. An intense copper is a slightly higher maintenance. We recommend reglossing every 2-3 weeks to keep you colour vibrant and intense.


Rose Gold Copper

Known as peach or copper blush. Add more of a copper tone for peachy or pastels for copper blush. These beautiful shades of copper are perfect balayage colours but equally as stunning for global applications.


Bronze copper

Cant make your mind up weather to go blonde or brunette then bronze is prefect for you. Bronze has warm golden and red undertones. Bronze works well with darker colours. Beautiful for olive and pink skin undertones. A low maintenance soft colour.


Copper Blonde

When paired with blonde it looks fabulous. It is also know as Bronze and is one of the most popular copper hair colours. It is a mixture of red and bronze hair shades. It works well in all hair types, beautiful for people with cool skin tones. It sets off blue or green eyes and you’re sure to attract attention.


Ginger Copper

This colour falls between a strawberry blonde and a natural red shade. It is extremely natural looking. A few lucky people are born with natural ginger colour.



So if you need a revamp let us transform your hair into a masterpiece.

We take great delight in our clients leaving our salon feeling happy and more confident. We always recommend booking in for our free of charge consultation where we can discuss your needs whilst advising what would look good and work well. We will do your sensitivity patch test there and then ( this needs to be done at least 48 hours prior to your first appointment or if you haven’t been to the salon for colouring within the last 6 months) and book you in for your appointment.  


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