How do I fix damaged hair?

This question has plagued the hair dressing world forever.

Damaged hair comes from many different ways and forms. It’s best to identify what’s actually caused the damage before trying to fix it.

The main causes of damaged hair are….

  • Over processed chemicals
  • Over lapped chemicals
  • Improper use of electrical goods
  • Wrong or No product choice
  • Irregular trims
  • Harsh home care
  • Health and diet
  • Medication
  • Home colour/ home bleaching


These are the main offenders of damaging hair and here are a few things that can help with this dilemma…

 Over processed/over lapped hair

This happens due to pre-lightener(bleach) overlapped onto previous highlights with a similar peroxide…. basically, it’s been double dipped!

And from a hair perspective that’s never a good thing!


 Improper use of products and electronic devices

Hair irons, curlers, crimpers, wavers and hairdryers are ALL massive impacts on your hairs condition. They have all became an everyday use but also have become a necessity to daily life. If you use anything heat related on your hair, then YOU NEED A PRODUCT TO PROTECT YOUR HAIR!!!!

At Iconic hairdressing we have THE BEST product ranges for anyone and everyone. This is more of a personal thing so it’s best to come in and get a prescription tailored for you by one of our amazing stylists.


Having a Trim.

This is for anyone out there “I’m growing it! I only want a trim”.

If you want to grow your hair properly and in the best condition it can possibly be…!… then there’s a MAXIMUM 12 week stop gap!

Anything after 12 weeks will gradually break off or disintegrate. All hope is gone by then and any good honest hairdresser will tell you straight up!

Get a regular 8-1o week trim if you want to grow healthy locks and keep the damage to a bare minimum.  



This is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor when it comes to your crown and glory.

As hairdressers we can perform miracles but it’s up to the owner to maintain the magic.

Always brush your hair ALWAYS from the ends first… this de tangles hair easier and prevents reggae.

NEVER SCRUB your hair when you use a towel! The ends are old and fragile… respect your length and dap and pat it through. We recommend using  towel wrap

ALWAYS CONDITION THE ENDS!!!! Golden rule NEVER SKIP A CONDITIONER… only ever condition the lengths and ends as well! This prevents any “greasy” root spells.

TOP TIP: don’t buy cheap for your locks…. it’s the crown you’ll never take off! Treat it right and buy a SALON PRODUCT…. JOICO products are the bees knees, mutts nuts of hair care….. trust us! We are the professionals after all. SHOP NOW


Health, diet and medicine are a HUGE FACTOR when it comes to….. Everything including your hair!

If your suffering with an illness or on medication, then we suggest speaking to your GP or DR for any implications but your diet (if healthy) will reflect on your outer body.

Goods in goods out.

Bads in….. you get the point.

You reap what you sow.


Home colour/dye/stripping



Unless you want your hair to dissolve, burn or be chopped off!


Yes, it’s an expensive and drawn out process lasting moths but….

If you want Instagram selfie worthy hair, then ITS WORTH IT!

We get this all the time “I dyed my hair red then blonde and it’s falling out!!! What can I do?!?!???”

The answer is always CHOP IT OFF START AGAIN or let your hair look like a bag of crushed crisps…

That’s the brutal truth people…. there’s no going back!


At ICONIC HAIRDRESSING we use JOICO products that repairs hair with hair!

Yes, believe it … it’s true…

Come in for a consultation, skin test and low down on WHY us and Joico are the best for your hair’s intensions