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Why choose vegan hair products for your hair care?

This is a great question. What makes vegan hair care better than non-vegan hair products? Well, for a start, vegan hair products contain no nasty chemicals that could cause an allergic reaction or irritation to your scalp. You won’t find any harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate or parabens, only natural, vegan ingredients are in these hair care products. Vegan products will never contain any derivatives from animal or meat products and as a result tend to contain fewer, more natural ingredients, full of vitamins and nutrients that bring strength and shine to your hair.

Here at ICONIC we love REF vegan hair care. REF is an innovative Swedish brand that uses the idea of natural beauty across all their products. They incorporate simplicity, sustainability and quality across their hair care range with the aim of exceeding all your expectations. All their products are naturally 100% sulphate and paraben free. The Complete Care line is 100% vegan, inspired by the vision of a future where animals can live side by side with humans without exploitation.

REF believe that the key to natural beauty for your hair is strength, and the best way to strengthen your hair is by using proteins. By taking a vegan approach REF have employed the amazing strengthening quinoa protein. This protein is often called the “keratin of nature” as it is made up of one of the widest natural range of essential amino acids derived from nature. It assists in the repair, protection, shine and conditioning of your hair, helping to preserve its natural beauty. 

REF have also customized a Colour Preserve System for all of their styling and hair care products. These hand selected natural ingredients are derived from sunflower seed oil and when combined with the cutting-edge technology of their anti-fade system, they ensure your colour stays salon perfect for longer.

So, if you are looking for natural, cruelty free hair care products that will strengthen and protect your hair – pop into the salon or book online and we will show you how amazing these vegan hair care products really are.

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