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What bob is best for my hair texture?

Fine hair – box bob, bevel, classic Grad

Medium – Grad bob, Textured Bob, Cob, Micro bob

Thick – Bevel, Classic graduation, Textured, Grad bob, Lob

Box Bob

The ultimate classic of strength and style, dating way pack to aniceth  Egypt. This is one that will never die in fashion. It’s a one length shape hair usually sits just below the jaw line and finished with a solid fringe. Perfect for fine – medium hair density also looks incredible on curly hair! Cleopatra coming at ya.

Grad Bob 

Made world famous by the late and great Vidal Sassoon and Mary Quant in the late 60’s.

A shorter shape at the nape to build weight at the back and Elongating towards the front. Perfect for all hair types and the most popular of all Bobs!

Classic Grad

Definitely the coolest of all precision cuts! Classically done with rounded wedge at the back and then more bowl shaped at the front. But by changing an angle or leaving lengths and added layers this post modern classic becomes an edgy, contemporary and beautiful work of art! Only for the Brave and the Bold!  


Possibly the most influential hairstyle of the late 2010’s. this gives you all the shape and all the length to keep the best of both worlds. Made famous by countless celebrities but most of all Holly Willoughby. This is a salon favourite and it wont be going away anytime soon! Perfect for medium and thick hair density. Instagram worthy pictures with is look!

Textured (Choppy) Bob

Mostly known in the hair world as transient hair cut.

They come in a variety of lengths and layers! These are more of a personalised shape/style to suit the individuals requirments.

Longer, shorter, graduated, fringed…. You name it… it can be done due to the complete fluidity of layers! Also great for long haired men and mostly medium to thick hair densitys.

Bevel’s – A.K.A the GLAMMOR BOB!

Made famous by the likes of Marylyn Monroe and Bridgette Bardoux.

Big volumes, lots of movement and sexy softness internally….all finished with a solid blunt baseline at the perimeter.

Red carpet ready…. Everyday! And it works with all hair types.

Micro (Pixie) Bob

Petit, pretty and angelic to look at.

Classically worn by flapper girls back in the 1920’s but with todays ways of layering, texturizing and tighter graduations…we can turn it into a really cool, cute and sharp look. Perfect for people that don’t have time for hair in the morning and that want a strong but feminine look! CUTE!

Asymmetrical bobs

One person springs to mind! Frankie Bridge from the Saturdays! She made this classic new romantic favourite from the 80’s back in fashion!

Theres so many variations, lengths, size’s, undercuts… the list goes on. Anything goes with these shapes and all hair types are welcome… be brave and give it a go sometime.     

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