Thinning hair can be a difficult topic to address for both men and women. It is an issue that can cause personal distress and affect self-image. Here at Iconic we have years of experience helping our clients feel good about their style, even if they are suffering from thinning hair.
There are actually two types of haircare issues that can make the hair appear thinner – hair loss and hair thinning. With hair loss, it is normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, normally through brushing. These strands should be around the length of your hair and have a tiny white bulb at the end. This indicates that the hair was at its natural shedding stage. However, if hair is coming out in clumps or throughout the day you should probably look at some of the factors that maybe affecting the health of your hair. Genetics can play a major role, as can hormones but other lifestyle factors can come into play including diet, stress, tiredness or new medication. If you notice rapid hair loss you should pop to your GP to make sure there isn’t an underlying issue. Hair thinning, however, is where the hair stand becomes thinner and more fragile. This can become an issue, as you grow older but can also be caused by dyeing your hair too frequently or using the wrong products.
If you are concerned about hair thinning then please pop in to the salon or call us to make an appointment so we can tailor a solution just for you.
In the meantime, we have the perfect product to give you back your hair confidence.
The REF. Root Concealer is available in four different shades – black, brown, light brown and blonde. It is a quick-drying colour spray, used to temporarily cover thinning patches.
With excellent coverage from a single quick spray, the colour remains in the hair until shampooing. You can even swim with it.

Book for a free consultation and we can talk you through the best colour for you or buy online for free delivery.

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