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Meet Gareth:

Gareth’s passion for the art of hairdressing runs deep, a passion that was lovingly inherited from his mother. From the moment he stepped out of school, Gareth chose to embark on a journey that would see him follow in her footsteps, and it was a decision that would shape the course of his life in the most remarkable way. Today, he stands as the proud owner of Iconic Hairdressing, a salon that has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the hair industry.

With over two decades of experience under his belt, Gareth’s journey through the world of hairdressing has been a remarkable one. These formative years not only sharpened his skills but instilled in him a relentless commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

After years of hard work and dedication, Gareth realized his dream of opening his own salon, Iconic Hairdressing, which has since become a beacon of style and sophistication. The salon embodies Gareth’s vision of a warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere, where clients can expect consistently exceptional service.

At Iconic, Gareth places a premium on using only the finest products to ensure that his clients receive nothing short of the best. Brands like Joic,  Moroccanoil, ghd and Colorwow are the tools of the trade, reflecting Gareth’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

For Gareth, hairdressing isn’t just a profession; it’s a means of making people feel truly fantastic. He understands that a visit to the salon is a cherished treat for many, and he and his team at Iconic are dedicated to ensuring that every client leaves with not just beautiful hair but also a newfound sense of confidence and radiance.

One of Gareth’s greatest points of pride is the talented team of hairdressers he has assembled at Iconic. Many of them have been by his side for years, sharing in his vision and passion. Gareth firmly believes that education and ongoing training are the cornerstones of success in this ever-evolving industry. Consequently, his team regularly participates in in-salon training sessions with leading brands like Joico, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques.

Gareth’s journey in hairdressing has been one of dedication, innovation, and an unshakable commitment to excellence. Iconic Hairdressing is not merely a salon; it is a testament to his love for the craft and his unwavering desire to make every client’s visit a truly iconic experience.


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