Meet Liz, a passionate and dedicated member of the Iconic Hairdressing team in Evesham. With over a decade of experience at the salon, Liz has truly become an integral part of the Iconic family.

Since joining the team in 2010, Liz has poured her heart and soul into the art of hair design. Her love for every aspect of hairstyling is evident in her work, and she thrives on the challenge of solving her clients’ hair problems. Making her clients happy and helping them feel confident and beautiful is at the core of her mission. It’s this commitment to client satisfaction that has kept some of her clients coming back for an impressive 20 years.

Beyond the salon, Liz enjoys a variety of interests that add to her vibrant personality. She’s an enthusiastic cook, a green-thumbed gardener, and a music enthusiast who knows how to enjoy life with a glass of wine (or perhaps a few more). Her motto is simple but profound: “I love to live…laugh…love.”

Liz’s dedication to her craft and her clients, combined with her zest for life, make her an invaluable asset to Iconic Hairdressing in Evesham. Whether she’s creating stunning hair transformations or sharing a laugh over a glass of wine, Jeanelle knows how to make every moment memorable.


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