Supermarket hair dye vs salon hair colour

It is certainly true that getting your hair coloured in a salon is much more expensive than buying a box of dye in a supermarket but there are lots of reasons why salon colour is the way to go. Here’s why we think you should invest in salon hair colour.

Hair dye uses powerful chemicals that if not used correctly can damage your skin and hair. Up to 5% of people have an allergic reaction to paraphenylenediamine or PPD which is found in over 99% of permanent hair dyes. Allergic reactions can range from a rash, to being hospitalised with a severe reaction and all reputable salons will insist on a patch test before colouring your hair. With this mind, extreme care needs to be taken when using hair dye and this is certainly easier in a salon where extensive safety precautions are in place. If for whatever reason an accident or allergic reaction was to occur, fully qualified staff would be able to immediately assist you. This would not be the case at home.

You are not just paying for the hair dye, you are paying for years of training and experience in the craft of colour. Your hairdresser is an expert in all the different elements involved in colouring your hair. They can handle the strong chemicals contained in hair dye safely and they have a huge range of colours to choose from. Perhaps most importantly they know how skin colour and hair colour interact to complement each other. They can design your colour to suit your complexion, face shape and hair type to create a look that is just for you. You will not get this from a box of supermarket hair dye.

It is also important that your dye is applied well. Salons are designed to create the optimum environment for colouring hair. From the chairs to the backwash to the shampoo and conditioners used and even the shadow-free lighting, each is designed for comfort and to produce the best possible results.Finally, it is essential to protect the health of your hair if you choose to apply hair dye. Colouring will cause some damage, but in a salon your hairdresser can ensure that this damage is kept to a minimum, keeping your hair looking in tip top condition.

We know that salon hair colour can be expensive, but we truly believe that it is worth the investment. Brilliant hair colour will transform your look!

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