T section highlights

A placement of highlights that cover the hairline and parting in the shape on an inverted ‘T’. Usually this service is used as a top up of a full head.

Half head highlights

This highlight placement covers the front, sides and crown of the head. Used as an in between for a full head of highlights or mainly used on anyone with a graduated bob or similar.

Full head highlights

The ultimate highlight pattern. Every inch of the head is foiled to get the best blend possible. Used on anyone that wants to be super blonde but natural at the same time. A Classic salon must have/I want….

Focal crescent (Veil)

This technique focuses on the fringe area to create a shine band to illuminate the ‘focal point’ of the style. Perfect for a hefty fringe lover.

Scattered highlights

This technique is often used for fashion/vibrant colours such as pink, blue, green etc….
Random highlights placed around the head for flashes of WOW As the hair moves!. the amount of highlights depends on how bold and brave the person whom wants it is…..

Streakor flash of colour

This is a small section of hair that is isolated and highlighted to give it a POP! of colour. Usually placed around the hairline area to create a focal point with the Colour but could be placed anywhere the person desires

Pivoted triangles

This is an adaptable technique used mainly on mid length to longer shapes to create texture when the hair needs it or the client wants it. Perfect if you want to be formal… but here to PARTY!

Diagonal Horseshoe (reverse di hs)

This is a perfect texture giver for all lengths, shapes and textures. The diagonal foils are placed around the curves of the head for perfect placement. rock n roll highlights all round!

Optical slices

A technique designed for Frankie bridge or posh spice bobs. This blends longer lengths into shorter without any leopard spots in sight. Perfect for the pixie lover. Foils placement above the curve and just below the crown…. progression on the half head for sure.
◦ Alternative T section – have a bob but want a touch up… look no further…. this is the same amount as a regular t section but more foils at the sides and less on top…. hence for shorter shapes. It’s the big thumbs up for you.

We hope these give you more of an inkling as to what you require for your crown that you will never take off….
If you have any query’s or questions then message us for more information ….

Love your hair, love your look…. love iconic salons.


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